Cold Chain Transport Frozen Containers Insulated Pallet Covers

 Made with foil and bubble laminated material;

Size, thickness, material structure and closure type can be customized;

Use for cold chain transport packaging.




  • Extremely durable material
  • Waterproof and non-absorbent
  • Foam based products can prevent from damage and shock
  • Keep things cold or warm, thermal insulation
  • Customized sizes and material thicknesses
  • Ideal for everything from food to pharmaceuticals
  • Multiple layers of material to provide substantial insulation
  • Allows palletized goods with different insulation needs to be shipped together, regardless of ambient temperatures.
  • Cost-efficient alternative to refrigerated vehicles



  • Moisture resistant, tamper resistant
  • Custom to your exact size and performance requirements
  • Minimize shipping costs and carbon emissions
  • Bio-gradable bags available by request
  • Made from low density polyethylene
  • Protective waterproof foil bubble bag
  • Made from PET aluminum foil and air cellular bubble
  • Custom-made top fit your pallet sizes and insulation needs
  • Bubble material giving superior cushioning
  • Self-seal close
  • Custom size/color
  • Reduction in product damage


Product Information:


Insulated pallet cover can be used to protect your goods when shipping, it has a great performance in

insulated and it is shockproof, can give your product a obviously protection when shipping





The thermal insulation concept of heat transfer is that the hot sun rays are bounce from the surface of

aluminum foil and stops hitting the inner environment. Therefore it gives stable heat inside with the

increase or decrease of temperature outside and saves energy consumption.


We used one side or double side AL/MPET with bubble or foam to make the box pallet cover, just as your require.

The material is strong, waterproof and the bubble&foam padded can reduce the shock, keep cold to give

your goods a safe environment.


Shenzhen Pack Technology Co., LTD, headquaters in Shenzhen, China, specializes in the development, production, sales and service of heat insulation products. With advanced production equipments, more than 20 years production experiences, more than 10 years export experiences, and excellent management & service team, we are competitive in both quality and price. Enjoying the convenient transportation and abundant raw materials, we can supply all kinds of customized products promptly.